5 best places to practice yoga outside in Newton County

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

We may be slightly bias but when it comes to yoga studios but there is really no limit to where you can take your Yoga practice and we highly recommend a change of scenery now and again. It's good for the soul.

Think about your favorite places to go as a child. Mine was always near the water. A lake, ocean, stream, didn't matter. I loved how my family felt when we were there. Relaxed, energized, happy. It's still my favorite place. Yoga on or near the water is a little slice of heaven for this girl.

Yoga on or near the water is a little slice of heaven for this girl.

Naturally, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, our #5 Best place to do Yoga is on the water.

Lake Varner

Just a few miles down Alcovy Road nestled behind the water treatment facility is the prettiest park in Newton County. With parks, walking trails and plenty of fishing and picnic areas, a few pavilions and clean bathrooms, its a great spot for families. You'll find me there on Sundays, with my paddle board strapped to my SUV. Our weekly SUP Yoga classes are beginner-friendly (as long as you can swim) and such an exciting experience to mix into your yoga practice. You don't have to join our class to enjoy it though. Access to Lake Varner is free to Newton and Morgan County residents so grab a paddle board or your yoga mat and enjoy!

Yellow River Park

This park is full of opportunities. Sitting in the center of Porterdale, our favorite little community is a huge park which is home to the Yellow River Jam each fall. Bring your pup with you for puppy yoga or go it alone. You'll likely meet other friendly people and animals in this quaint little town. Catch the Moxie squad there for pop-up classes, free for the community.

Turner Lake Park

If you're beginning to sense a theme, your absolutely correct but we promise if you check them out you'll agree, there's just something about doing yoga with a good view. Turner Lake Park is tucked away just behind the roundabout on Turner Lake Road and Clark Street. It's complete with a beautiful lake, fishing docks and walking trails. Find a patch of grass and roll out your mat. You'll be joined by ducks in no time. Yoga + nature together? Yes, please.

Factory Shoals Park

You won't need any music and ambient sounds with the beautiful sound of running water over bigs rocks at Factory Shoals. Find a rock or a small patch of grass to mediate, or practice your passive poses. If you're a more advanced yogi, balance and binds on the rocks might be fun to try.

Porterdale Bird Sanctuary

I bet you never knew Porterdale has a bird sanctuary. It's located just below the gravel parking lot, across from the lofts and it is full of beautiful trees and bird houses. It's also been home to Moxie's Yoga in the Park series. Bring some bug spray, as bugs are a delicacy in the sanctuary, they won't be spraying for you.

If practicing yoga outside isn't for you, we can guarantee a climate-controlled, clean and bug-free zone at Moxie. We told you we were a little bias, but you don't have to believe us. Our community has voted us "Best Yoga and Pilates" in the Newton Citizen Readers Choice Awards several years running. Inside the studio our dim lighting, ambient music and high energy instructors will guide you through your practice, allowing you to work at your own pace.

No matter where you chose to take your practice, I hope you'll stop into Moxie.