7 Tips to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick

Woo Hoo!! Aren’t you excited about a new year? I’m always excited about a new year. I’m also excited about a new month or a new week. Every day is a day to be better than you were yesterday. Want to know the truth? You don’t even need a new year.

If you’re going to go BIG for New Years, there’s a few things you should be prepared for. Take it from my experience, the gal who used to be a habitual resolution setter with ultimate failure following shortly thereafter.

Make your goals REALISTIC. It’s so easy to get excited about the idea of a new you. I’m guilty of seeing the BIG picture and setting goals equivalent to that picture. Anyone else? It’s ok to have BIG goals, but the *trick* to attacking those goals is to set smaller ones that you can conquer a week and a month at a time. Add up all those little goals and after several months you’ll have made a significant dent in that picture.

Write them down. You can’t ignore the facts, my friends. People who write down their goals are 60% more likely to achieve them. The key is not just in writing them down, it’s keeping them visual. Hang them somewhere you’ll see them every day like a bathroom mirror. Better yet, create a vision board. I make a new vision board every year and hang it in my bedroom so it’s the first thing I see every morning. I spend a moment when I wake up looking at it and reminding myself of my big goals for the year. In my office, I have a white board with smaller goals that I make each week. These smaller goals will ultimately get me to the bigger ones on my vision board. I like a visual representation of my goals because it helps me keep motivated.

Share them with a friend that you trust to be tough on you. Everyone needs an accountability buddy (or three). This isn’t the friends who will help you justify sitting on the couch or skipping the gym for drinks. Think hard on this one. This needs to the person (or people) that will give you tough love in the form of not accepting your excuses and that will also be your cheerleader. We all need one.

Use a tracking app. Technology can be the biggest time waster and I try to limit it when I can but the resources available for tracking your workouts and healthy habits can be a life and time saver. I’m obsessed with my FitBit Versa. It’s basically the Apple Watch without all the features I don’t want (I do NOT want you calling my wrist, for example). Check out our favorites in our blog, “Best Apps and Tech tools for your Best Life Habits” and then find the ones that work best for you.

Find a tribe. You’ve probably heard this saying before, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time”. It’s one that I quote a lot and think about when I meet new friends. From personal experience, it’s totally true. If you want to be fit, go where the fit people are. You can read more about my experience finding the wrong friends, and then the right ones here in our blog, “Find your tribe, love them hard”.

Speak kindly to yourself. Why is this so hard for us? Do you realize that YOU are the person that you talk to the most? Your self-talk is incredibly powerful. I also want to remind you the energy is contagious, both positive and negative. If you continually think with a negative mindset, you’ll continue to produce a negative attitude. So, how can you put a positive spin on things today? Try it out.

Practice GRACE. If you fall, and you will, forgive yourself. If you eat a whole box of girl scout cookies, tell yourself its ok, then go eat an apple and get back to work. If you beat yourself up and live in a state of guilt or if you throw all your goals out and quit each time you’ll never be the person that you aspire to be. All it takes is a little grace. Acknowledge your falter, brush it off and move on. Don’t live in guilt, it’s a miserable place and you deserve better.

I hope that you’ll find these tips helpful. Most importantly, I hope that you'll remember that you're human and you'll make mistakes, you’ll fall off the wagon, probably over and over again. The difference between you and the person that you see killing their goals is that they just kept hoisting themselves back up on that wagon. Every. Single. Time. I have every confidence that you can do the same thing.

I wish you a year of health and happiness and TONS of success reaching your goals in the coming year.

With love and moxie,