Best Apps and Tech Tools For Your Best Life

I totally know how frustrating technology can be. Be honest, who hasn’t gone down a rabbit hole more than once? I know in the past I’ve totally wasted tons of time staring at my phone or iPad. I think being mindful of our use of technology is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Afterall, enough studies have been published this year alone that tells us the damage that technology has on our mental health.

Let me pause for a moment then and add that I believe in everything in moderation. I'm certainly not telling you to throw your iPhone out the window. Think of all the apps and websites dedicated to your nutrition, fitness, sleep, financial health, mental and emotional health, family life and so on.

There are far too many to list and I’m embarrassed to even tell you how many apps I’ve downloaded on my phone but I’m sharing a few that I have found to be a huge help in my journey to living my best life.



Ambient sounds, soft music or bedtime stories (read by Matthew McConaughey, hello) is the only way I fall asleep. It helps to drowned out any outside sounds (traffic outside, teenagers wandering around)


Ledbetter is an app and Facebook community developed by Joshua and Julie Ledbetter. They teach Macro-counting and intuitive eating. The app is full of helpful information from a macro tracker to grocery list and lifestyle tips. I love the Ledbetter motto, Live Every Day Better.

Down Dog

Down Dog is probably my favorite Yoga app. You can choose your focus, level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), time limit (Have 10 minutes? There’s a flow for that!)


Practicing gratitude is essential to living your best life. Focusing on the positive has been proven to improve your attitude and attract more things to be grateful (if you don’t believe in the law of attraction we should totally talk).

Lucky Bitch

The concept behind Denise’s Lucky Bitch app has a lot to do with the Law of Attraction. It's a money tracker thats customizable for your life and business. I find that recognizing everything that I bring in and seeing it all on one place helps to keep me focused. I can see what I’ve made and how much I have left to reach my monthly goal.


My husband bought me a subscription to Lumosity years ago. I absolutely LOVE this website and app! I honestly feel a significate different when I exercise my brain regularly. We should always be learning and challenging our brains. Lumosity has games and puzzles designed to for just that. What an awesome alternative to scrolling IG or staring at the tv each evening!


I am the WORST at drinking water. I usually get in most of what I need each day but it is a HUGE battle for me. I have to carry a bottle around all day, and doctor my water up with fruit and/or herbs to add flavor. I need to drink it slightly cooler that room temp and I need a straw. Sounds super high maintenance, right? Well it is but this is what I’ve learned about myself. I drink more water with a straw, when it’s not too cold and has a little flavor in it. I also drink more when I can see what how much I’ve had. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’ve a visual person. Watterlogged is a great visual representation of your daily water intake.


Regardless of what your goals are or what are you tracking (calories vs macros) MyFitnessPal is a great tool. If macro counting is your goal, I recommend the paid version ($9.99 a month). One thing to be aware of is that anyone can add foods to the database so somethings may not always be accurate. You’ll want to look for foods with the verified symbol, or enter the info yourself from the nutrition label so you can be confident in its accuracy.


This is a meal planner that will save you tons of time wasted staring into the fridge trying to figure out what’s for dinner each night. Staying organized is key. Read our blog with my favorite organization hacks here.

Think Dirty

This apps helps you in selecting better products. Scan a barcode for each product before it even hits your cart. Think Dirty will help you select products with clean ingredients because what you put in AND on your body matters.


FitBit Versa

I adore my FitBit Versa. It’s similar to the apple watch in that you can track your health in terms of fitness, nutrition, water, sleep and female cycle as well as see text message, check weather, listen to music, etc. I personally prefer it over the Apple Watch (it’s also 1/4 the price) because I’m not interested in the rest of the features that Apple Watch offers (I’ve gone my whole life not answering the phone with my go-go-gadget wrist, I don’t need to now).

Apple Watch

Full disclosure, I don’t wear an Apple Watch. Even though I’m not an Apple Watch user (but I am a huge Apple fan) I can’t ignore all the awesome features on an Apple Watch that are designed to make your life easier and most importantly to me, healthier. You can connect with friends for a little healthy competition, track all the same things as the aforementioned Versa and tons more. If you’re in the market to drop $699 on a tool to simplify your life you’ll probably love the Apple Watch.

Ulla Hydration System

Holy moly this thing is cool. It will totally rat you out if you aren’t hydrating. It’s a sensor with a band that you slide of your water bottle (it fits most sizes). It contains a motion sensor and if you haven’t tipped your bottle to drink every 30 minutes a bright light will flash at you until you do.

I recommend exploring many apps and products and then just choosing a couple. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many trackers. Just find a few things to track that you need the most help with. If you choose a gadget like the FitBit or Apple Watch, you have the option of tracking your fitness, nutrition, sleep, water, and female cycle all in one place.

I’d love to hear what your go-to apps and gadgets are to help you on your wellness journey. Drop me a note and let me know what else I should check out and review in future blogs.

Go be awesome,