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Showing up for yourself is hard but it's easier when you have the Moxie squad on your team. We'll be your biggest cheerleaders and your toughest friends. We'll help you find your Moxie so you can feel amazing and live your best life.



Merri C.

Before joining Moxie, I’d lived in Covington for about a year but hadn’t met any friends. I’d also been struggling with not having the “picture perfect body” but felt too beaten down to try out another a gym. The first time I stepped into Moxie, everything felt different. I was incredibly shy but the women were all so warm and welcoming that I instantly felt at home. The instructors and fellow members have never been less than encouraging and fully supportive of who I am today, no matter my body shape or how much I struggle to complete a perfect yoga move that day.  I have less migraines and I’m also a lot happier with my body image just knowing that I’m working and getting stronger everyday. I’m still working on coming out of my shell but in the months since I’ve joined, I feel happier, healthier, and more connected to my new community than ever before.


Maria B.

I started taking classes in January with an open mind about the benefits I would receive. 
For me I discovered that this isn’t a quick fix but fast forward 7 months later and the benefits are obvious.
Building a stronger core and stretching out tight muscles has helped tremendously with the chronic pain I have in my back and neck. Slowing down and just breathing is a technique to take you away from all the stresses of any given day.
The confidence I have gained from finally being able to do a pose I never thought I could do is awesome!
The classes aren’t intimidating as everyone is supportive and working at their own pace. 
This has been a great starting point as I continue to challenge myself. 


Stacy W.

I have been going to Moxie for about a year now and it has made an enormous difference in my fitness! Beginning with yoga was perfect conditioning to help my body be ready for barre and Pilates.


I LOVE how strong I feel and am so excited to continue this journey with support from Lindsey, Callie and Mary Kathryn.

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